Before we ship your order, we process your order, and verify your information. If we cannot process your order we will contact you. Availability of items is subject to stock on hand.

After confirmation of payment we will ship orders in 2-3 working days by any reputable courier/cargo service. Currently we are using Leopard Courier/Cargo ( for customer deliveries. Once order shipped courier tracking no will be updated in your order window. If you are not getting courier tracking no in 2-3 days after payment confirmation you can contact our sales team for further inquiry-+923 111 222 610 09:00AM to 05:00PM Monday to Saturday- or send an email at [email protected]

            All shipping charges are as per standard Leopard courier/Cargo Charges and all shipping destinations are as per Leopard coverage area so if your shipping address is any remote location check Leopard Courier/Cargo coverage area before placing order.
            Some time Courier/Cargo company take more time to pick shipment from our warehouse so be patient in this condition.


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